Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year Goals (no resolutions here)

Are goals the same as resolutions?  Not in my book.  You make a resolution you veer from it and it is broken.  But with goals it is different.  You make a goal and you work towards it, you fall off the wagon, no problem, just get back on and keep on working towards those goals.

Since it is the start of the new year I sat down with the kids and talked to them about what things they wanted to work on in 2012 .  For one it is to work on her singing, practice basketball and work on her organizational skills, she knows they need work.  The other one wants to do more art, go to museums and have more play dates with her friends.  Great goals and all easy to work on a little everyday.

So this year why burden yourself with, "I am going to lose 25 pounds!"  Just make it a year long goal to be healthier, maybe that means more exercise, or eating more veggies, but a goal to be healthier is easier to attain. By doing little things every day and you are one step closer to accomplishing your goal.  Doesn't that sound better.  My goal this year?  To spend a little more time on me and doing things I want to do.  Oh, and losing 25 pounds would be nice too, but for tomorrow my goal is to drink more water and go for a walk.  Baby steps.

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