Friday, December 09, 2011

hello again

Do you have one of those friends, you know the one you really like and have history with but for one reason or another you just lose contact with them? You mean to call but since you haven't spoken in a while you know that it won't be a short conversation and you don't have time for a long conversation because you're busy.  So time goes on and a week becomes a month which becomes a year, yada, yada, yada ...

Yes, my little old blog is that friend.  Every time I thought about sitting down to write I knew that it would not be a short little entry because life has gone on and stuff has happened.  Lots of stuff and can you really squeeze all that into a quick little 5 minute entry?  No, because honestly the only time I was doing 5 minute entries was when I was striving to blog every day in November 2008 for NaBloPoMo and only made it to the 12th and burnt out. Anyway, back to the point, I have been away a long time - almost two years! (yes I used an exclamation point, because seriously TWO years!)

Quick synopsis:
My daughters are growing up, 7 & 9, the 9 year old is asking all sorts of questions that I am not yet equipped to answer but she is getting a copy of "The Care of Keeping of You" from American Girls for Christmas this year.  The 7 year old is wise beyond her years and has the world figured out, she wants to design buildings and thinks her sister is a bit wild. They love each other to pieces even though they are so different.

My husband is performing and teaching like a maniac.  He finally has gigs that pay with money and not just drink tickets.  Plus, he has so many students that his music classes are bursting at the seams.  Very happy and fulfilled musician,which makes for a nice calm, sweet husband.

And me?  Well, I feel like I have gone full circle from my first real office job in college working for a small software company in Seattle.  I work in IT now and I love it.  Still a public servant but now I get paid to learn and teach.  My kids think I am super techno now, which bumps me up on the cool meter just a few degrees.  Oh, and I am an auntie which I thought would make my mom give up on me having more children but no such luck.  Now she wants me to have another baby so that my new little niece can have a playmate.  Sorry, that ship has sailed Nana.

I figure the easiest part about old friends is that they know you, you don't have to catch up on everything in your first conversation because you will talk with them again soon, right? So this is just the first part of our conversation.  The rest will happen over time.

Just squeezing this in under the wire, keep with one of my favorite blog activities, Fabric Friday:

This Winter Nest Panel by Kristen Doran Design available through Earth Girl Fabrics, I love the colors and want the green and black for pillows on my couch.

I will be doing some construction to the blog over the next few days need to freshen things up a bit.

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