Sunday, December 11, 2011

Broken Ankle Part Two

A long time ago, five years to be exact I was just finishing up physical therapy for my fractured ankle. Now I sit with my leg propped up recovering from a related but different sort of surgery.  All of the hardware that was put in my ankle five years ago was removed a week ago.  Ten screws and a steel plate that were put in place to keep my shattered ankle together so it could heal.

Now normally they don't remove this hardware, unless it causes problems.  In my body it caused problems, my ankle would swell in the heat and ache in the cold. It was getting to the point where it would bother me almost everyday in some way.  So I made an appointment with a new doctor who took a look at my x-rays and listened to my story and said, "Let's take that hardware out."  Which is what we did and now I have a bandaged ankle, a baggie full of metal and a "swiss cheese leg" as my doctor likes to call it. (Not sure why the picture flipped on its side but you get the picture)

I am hoping that once it all heals up I will gain a bit more flexibility and the circulation will improve to prevent some of the swelling.  My doctor is very hopeful that I can move on from this and not have any more problems.  

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