Friday, July 31, 2009

Fresh Air Fund

For those of you over on the East Coast there is a great opportunity awaiting you. It is the Fresh Air Fund, they help place inner-city youth with families in the country. The kids get a break for the summer and a little fresh air.

They are currently looking for host families for August so if you are interested or know someone that is please contact them as soon as possible. You can click on the button below and will take you directly to their website.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend in Review

Some of the sunflowers are finally blooming, but we are still waiting for the big ones.

"Yum, these green beans are delicious!"

The latest harvest

Went up to Mount St. Helens on Sunday and it was beautiful, sunny with a high of about 75.

Finally, a picture of all four of us, sometimes these are few and far between.

All in all it was a beautiful weekend even with the heat wave starting to hit again. It is supposed to be 100 tomorrow, which was a typical summer day when we lived in Sacramento of course there we had central air. Here in Portland our air conditioner is called the basement. At least I can go to work tomorrow for a little cool down, but there they keep it so cool you need a sweater. I shouldn't complain about the heat before I know it the rainy season will be here, so let the sun shine!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fabric Friday

Has anyone missed fabric friday as much as me? Probably just me but that's fine too. This week some of my favorites come from Heather Bailey at Heather Bailey Online. I want to make a quilt out of these fabrics so badly. They seem perfect for a hot July night picnic. Alas, I should use the fabrics I have in my stash, but soon they will be mine.

Also check out Heather's blog (also over at the side), she has a beautifully designed site to match her fabulous fabric. Almost too much to take in.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Swimsuit Hunt Continued

Are there an overwhelming number of moms out there who want their 6 year olds to look like little sluts? No? Sorry, is that to strong a word? Then what is going on with the skimpy little bikinis they sell for little kids? Just give me a tank suit that won't ride up on her and that she can spend the day in. She doesn't need a suit with support, there was one suit in a size four that had something seriously close to underwire. She doesn't need a mesh sarong to go over said string bikini. She also doesn't need a leopard print suit that looks incredibly like sexy underwear. She is six!

But after sifting through all the suits and looking at five stores we finally found a suit that was perfect for her. It was the only one in that size and color so I figured it was meant to be. Next time, when I see a suit that is perfect I am just going to grab it. It might be the middle of the winter, but I don't want to go through this again.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not time for back to school just yet

It was in the 90s here today in Portland. My kids need new swimsuits as they have worn them out. You go shopping and can you find any swimsuits? Nooooooooo! But what do you find? Lunch boxes, corduroy skirts, jeans, jackets, but no swimsuits.

Note to store buyers. When it is 90 to 100 degrees out do not pack your store with parkas and raincoats. I need tank tops, sandals, short sleeve pajamas, shorts, and most importantly swimsuits. I will end up going online but it would have been so much easier to get this done at lunch today.

Butterfly and Unicorn

We waited in line for an hour and a half for the kids to get their faces painted at the art festival this weekend. They were so happy that is almost made up for the sunburn on the top of my feet where I didn't put enough sunscreen. We did celebrate with sno-cones after and then went home exhausted. I was a simple fun day that I am sure the kids will remember for a long time.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy In(ter)dependence Day

Cat woke up this morning and said "Happy Fourth of July!" I told her it was also called Independence Day and we talked a little about what that means. Later on when she was talking about the holiday with my parents she said "it is also called Interdependence Day." We all laughed and thought how cute it was that she got confused on the name, I still love it when the kids do that.

So much talk about how these global problems need global solutions. Maybe while we are all celebrating this patriotic holiday we should also think about how times have changed. We can now work with other countries in true partnerships. We can be a leader in bringing ideas to the table. I am so sick of America being seen as the bully that comes in and says "do what we tell you and everything will be okay." I kind of like the idea of Interdependence Day.

Then I got this in my email, and it put it all into perspective:

"Heather --

This weekend, our family will join millions of others in celebrating America. We will enjoy the glow of fireworks, the taste of barbeque, and the company of good friends. As we all celebrate this weekend, let's also remember the remarkable story that led to this day.

Two hundred and thirty-three years ago, our nation was born when a courageous group of patriots pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the proposition that all of us were created equal.

Our country began as a unique experiment in liberty -- a bold, evolving quest to achieve a more perfect union. And in every generation, another courageous group of patriots has taken us one step closer to fully realizing the dream our founders enshrined on that great day.

Today, all Americans have a hard-fought birthright to a freedom which enables each of us, no matter our views or background, to help set our nation's course. America's greatness has always depended on her citizens embracing that freedom -- and fulfilling the duty that comes with it.

As free people, we must each take the challenges and opportunities that face this nation as our own. As long as some Americans still must struggle, none of us can be fully content. And as America comes ever closer to achieving the perfect Union our founders dreamed, that triumph -- that pride -- belongs to all of us.

So today is a day to reflect on our independence, and the sacrifice of our troops standing in harm's way to preserve and protect it. It is a day to celebrate all that America is. And today is a time to aspire toward all we can still become.

With very best wishes,

President Barack Obama

July 4th, 2009

Friday, July 03, 2009

What's Up?

July - Garden in full swing

June - Pre-K graduation

May - Start of the garden

April - Flower Girls

February - Visit from the tooth fairy

January - Happy New Year