Monday, January 26, 2009

Things to be excited about

  • President Obama, I still am having a hard time believing it really happened. But it did!
  • Having a job, and being told over and over again that I don't need to worry about losing it, priceless.
  • Watching the kids get excited about school. I am a big beleiver in public schools, I think you get what you put into it. Our whole family loves Cat's school, and next year Aly will be in Kindergarten there too.
  • A new sewing machine! I am selling my old machine to help purchase a new one. I consider it an investment, my husband tells me it is just a new toy.
  • Snow tomorrow. I love snow, sure it slows the city down, but it is so beautiful and isn't that why we live in a neighborhood where we can walk everywhere? Too bad it is only supposed to last for a little while.
  • Losing weight, just under 18 pounds now. My goal is for 25 and I am almost there.
  • Having my parents close by, I never realized how much I missed them living up in Seattle until they moved down here.
  • Writing on the blog, even if it is just to come up with a silly list.