Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lucky Number 7

My Cat turned 7 years old today. It was a wonderful day, just the four of us hanging out and playing mini golf, something the kids thoroughly enjoyed. Normally the girls birthdays are full of friends, presents, candy, and cranky kids. It was really nice to just have time for us. With the start of school, S going back to teaching, and work staying busy I feel like it is hard to find a little time for our family. I felt a little overly emotional, probably just hormones but every birthday brings the feeling of my kids slipping a little bit away. I know that the point of parenting is to allow your kids to do just that, take a little more control over their own lives. I know they are only 7 & 5 but I still feel that pulling of the heart strings.

Cat is such a mature girl. I love her smile, her longing to be best friends with everyone she meets. I love her caring nature, she is a great sister, always trying to show her little sister how to do things, even when Aly doesn't want to learn. I cry for her when other kids don't see how special she is. I celebrate how well she is doing in school. I wipe her tears away when she is sad, even though she tries so hard to not let things bother her. I love her with all of my heart, my first born, my sweet, funny, smart girl.

Next weekend we will have her friend party, Tinkerbell cup cakes, some pizza, and a very special viewing of Monsters vs. Aliens. I hope her new friends can come, that will mean more to her than any presents. But today I celebrate her birthday, remembering that time seven years ago when I was cuddling her in my arms, watching her sleep. Since that day we have become a family of four and today was a day to celebrate our family, it was a simple, beautiful day.

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landismom said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to your beautiful girl!