Saturday, August 22, 2009

Five years and counting

You are five years old today. Going into kindergarten, you will be one of the youngest in your class yet already a foot taller than most of your classmates. You love to make people laugh and when you are successful you start giggling. You have such an infectious laugh, I smile just thinking about it. Right now your world is all about swinging, eating tomatoes from the garden, playing with your big Sis, Polly Pocket, legos, and your stinky dolls. We never know what the next big thing is going to be. You always surprise us. You are the only one who wakes up with me in the morning. I love having our early morning conversations before I go off to work. You give me a last cuddle and kiss to send me on my way. You are also the first one to notice anything new, haircut, shoes, fingernail polish, a book, and you always compliment the person for their new thing. I can always count on you to say "I love your new hairstyle, Mama". That skill will get you far, as long as you are always sincere.

You are my sweet little stinky face and I love you my big five year old.

Your Mama


landismom said...

A very Happy Birthday to your precious girl.

Flowers said...

Nice kids. Your blog looks wonderful with picture of cute kids. Keep it up the good work.