Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend in Review

Some of the sunflowers are finally blooming, but we are still waiting for the big ones.

"Yum, these green beans are delicious!"

The latest harvest

Went up to Mount St. Helens on Sunday and it was beautiful, sunny with a high of about 75.

Finally, a picture of all four of us, sometimes these are few and far between.

All in all it was a beautiful weekend even with the heat wave starting to hit again. It is supposed to be 100 tomorrow, which was a typical summer day when we lived in Sacramento of course there we had central air. Here in Portland our air conditioner is called the basement. At least I can go to work tomorrow for a little cool down, but there they keep it so cool you need a sweater. I shouldn't complain about the heat before I know it the rainy season will be here, so let the sun shine!

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Prost to the Host said...

I am in love with your garden harvest. Now the weather is turning, I am dreaming of bright green veggies and fresh herbs.