Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008


As I was settling in to do a bit of sewing something caught the corner of my eye and it looked like it was moving. It was a visitor.

I am pretty sure I didn't invite this creature in, but it is a garage after all I guess I have to get used to these creatures. It kind of looked like a hobo spider at least according to what said. It was about 3/4 inch in size and do you see the size of its mouth? It freaked me out to no end. I do not like spiders, but the funny thing is I don't like to see them dead either. When I was a kid I used to imagine that if you killed a spider the rest of it's family would come looking for it and after realizing that you had killed it they would come looking for revenge. I swear that it exactly what I thought. So I let it be and decided to come back another time for my project.

UPDATE: S killed the visitor the next day. We think it was the same one because we haven't seen anymore since. But maybe they are just sitting and watching us.