Sunday, November 09, 2008

Stinky Bear

Aly has this bear, its name is Stinky. He was a free bear that she got at the Festival of Trees last year. They have a teddy bear hospital there and the kids that go get free teddy bears. I am sure this one was probably made in China, sad to say I didn't even check. Bad mommy, bad, bad mommy.

Anyway, this bear is stinky because she sucks on him at night. I know disgusting. But she is so attached to Stinky and even with washings he still stinks. Do you take something away when she is so attached? I just can't, so Stinky goes where Aly goes, and life goes on. I just know sooner or later Stinky is probably going to fall apart and I am sure Aly will move on to something new. But right now he is her love, and you can't say no to that, even if he is really stinky.

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