Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crazy Things

Okay, today we got just crazy weather. In Portland we got close to an inch of rain along with the wind that makes the rain come at you sideways and renders umbrellas completely useless. It seemed to hit especially hard when I had to take the kids to school this morning. I made a run for it the block to school, dragging the kids behind.

When Cat got out of the car she was complaining that her raincoat was not working well. I turned around and saw that it was not zipped and her hood was down. I pointed out these items to her and she said it worked much better once she fixed the problems. I swear my kid is not an idiot just a 6-year old girls who sometimes loses her mind. When do kids pick up on common sense? Soon right? Please tell me it is soon.

The other crazy thing is that when I was dropping off Aly at her school there were two cars in the parking lot that looked as if another car hit them and then drove off. They were rammed together. Her school sits right below a main road in town. A drunk driver ran off the road, went through the chainlink fence, and came crashing down on another car that then rammed into the other two. It was insane, and I will never park on that side of the parking lot even for a quick drop off.

This weather makes the crazy drivers come out. Hydroplaning all over the place, driving on your ass and speeding past you creating a wave of water that crashes over your car. I hate driving in this weather, would rather get wet walking in the rain. Supposedly we will have a dry spell over the next few days. Hopefully the crazy stuff will stop for a little while.

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beth said...

I like the title of the blog "crazy things"