Friday, August 08, 2008


As I was settling in to do a bit of sewing something caught the corner of my eye and it looked like it was moving. It was a visitor.

I am pretty sure I didn't invite this creature in, but it is a garage after all I guess I have to get used to these creatures. It kind of looked like a hobo spider at least according to what said. It was about 3/4 inch in size and do you see the size of its mouth? It freaked me out to no end. I do not like spiders, but the funny thing is I don't like to see them dead either. When I was a kid I used to imagine that if you killed a spider the rest of it's family would come looking for it and after realizing that you had killed it they would come looking for revenge. I swear that it exactly what I thought. So I let it be and decided to come back another time for my project.

UPDATE: S killed the visitor the next day. We think it was the same one because we haven't seen anymore since. But maybe they are just sitting and watching us.


Andy said...

There are too many bugs that freak me out, but you have found one that would! Yesterday I came across a nasty bug (I don't even know what it was but it had pinchers and they were big!) and instead of killing it I put a glass over it. The whole rest of the day my daughter was convinced we had a new pet and would talk to him through the glass, and insisting on telling him goodnight and all.

Leslie said...

We're irrational-fear twins. I grew up around way too many spiders and was too afraid to kill them (yep, because of the spider family revenge theory). I'll confess that I STILL don't want to kill them, and a dead spider freaks me out almost as much as one living. Unfortunately I think I have more of both than you do!

Leslie said...

I think we're irrational-fear twins. I've always been afraid to kill spiders because of the family revenge theory. Which has led to my fear not only of living spiders but of the motionless, curled-up-legs kind, too. Unfortunately I think I live with many more than you do...but congrats on confronting the fear and killing the spider!

Leslie said...

Oh lord. Am I such a sleepless zombie that I can make the same comment twice? Yikes, and sorry! I guess it's good that I said almost the same thing the second time (is there safety in consistency?). Next time, I will comment with care. :)