Wednesday, September 19, 2007


In hon'r thar 'Talk Like a Pirate Day', I off'r ye kiddies' best of all pirate jokes:

What is a pirate's favorite letter?
Arrr! (R)

What is a pirate's favorite restaurant?

What is a pirate's favorite kind of sock?

What is a pirate's favorite animal?

You gettin thar idea? Find thar pirate in you at the Portland Pirate Festival this weekend.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bigger Fish

So my template got all screwed up but you know what I don't care.  Why, because I have bigger fish to fry.  For the past two years I have been stuck in a job that was nothing more than a job.  But one day I decided to look, just to see what was out there and you know what appeared before my eyes?  The perfect job, P-E-R-F-E-C-T job.  Problem?  It's open application period was ending the next day by 5:00pm.  I pulled out my dreary looking resume and polished it up till it was sparkling.  I sent it in at 12:30am the day it closed, went to bed, and then got up at 5:00 to get ready for work.  Within a few days they called, I went in and blew them away (or so they said later).  They called again, I went in again and blew another panel away.  The next day they tried calling me but I was on the coast and had spotting cell coverage.  All I received was a message that said "I would love to talk to you, call me back".  I call back but they are gone for the weekend, the long holiday weekend.  I waited in misery for 3 days before I got the word, the job was mine.  New problem, my boss was leaving in two days for three weeks vacation.  I had to get that offer in writing before I could tell him, I just couldn't risk it.  I got the letter, and told my boss the day before he was set to leave.  He freaked but not in a "I hate you" way, it was in a "holy crap, all of the stuff that Heather does I am supposed to be doing, what happens if the powers that be know that she has been doing my work?" kind of way.  The greatest thing about this whole thing is that everyone is really happy for me and the comment I have heard more than anything else is "you deserve it."  Even my boss told me that if I ever wanted to come back they would find me a fabulous job with the company. 
My new job will be great, I won't go into detail but there is a short commute involved, it is working with water resources, and it is a government position (which I love).  It will be a continuation of six years that I spent working on water issues for the State of California.  I found out that they had 160 applications for this position, and they chose little old me.  Oh I am so excited.  I started the two-week count down yesterday and my replacement starts tomorrow.  I can't wait to push all of my work on her.