Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Big Three Year Old

I know, not the most flattering picture, but it fits her wacky personality. Yesterday was Aly's 3rd birthday. When you ask her how old she is she will look at her hand, count out three fingers, then look at you and say "See I'm Three Years Old!"

Aly seems shy when you first meet her, hiding behind my leg. But once she warms up to you watch out she will try anything, and investigate everything and be wacky and silly the whole time. We didn't have to childproof things until Aly came along, Cat just stayed away from stuff. Although it scares me to death at times, for the most part I love her curiosity, I hope she never loses that sense of excitement about everything.

She is my cuddle bug, whenever I am home she wants to cuddle up with me and read stories or sing songs. She knows all of her letters and loves to call them out when she sees them. She loves to play with her dolls and carry on little conversations between them, although for some reason they don't like wearing clothes. She most pull off all her dolls clothes within minutes of getting them, what is up with that? She loves to sing songs, and seems to have a photographic memory when it comes to music. She can hear a song one time, even briefly, and will be singing along right away. Perhaps having a musician dad has rubbed off on her, or maybe it is in the blood.

Since she is my last baby, I want to treasure all of these phases in her life, even the tantrums. Before I know it she won't be wanting to cuddle up with me, but for now I am happy to cuddle anytime she wants.

Happy Birthday Aly, you always have a smile for Mama and Daddy, and I hope that never changes.

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landismom said...

Happy birthday to your big girl!