Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Sometimes you meet the most interesting people on the MAX train. Case in point the young man who sat next to me on my ride home last night.

Here is just a snippet of our conversation:

Guy: Hey you are really pretty, do you have a boyfriend?
Me: I am married.
Guy: Oh, do you know where there are any good titty bars around here?
Me: No, might want to check on Burnside or 82nd for that.
Guy: Oh, do you know where a New Seasons is so I can get some fruit?
Me: Yeah, you need to get off the train and catch a Yellow line to North Portland.
Guy: Okay thanks, I really need to find a good titty bar that will make me feel good.

Aaah, I just love commuting by public transportation.


Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...


devinemom said...

wow that is just about right. the amazing things you can hear on the Max.

bitemycookie said...

you were definitely either speaking with my husband or

promise. and hysterical.

Wubert said...

his mother must be so proud!