Monday, July 30, 2007

Can a Four and Three Quarters Year Old Drive You Insane?

Oh, my precious Cat. I love her dearly, but lately I feel like tearing my hair out when we are together. She has become a mini-attorney. You ask her to get dressed and it becomes a debate over why she wants to wear a party dress to go play at the park instead of her play clothes. You ask her to clean up her mess and she will argue over why she doesn't need to clean it up because she was not the last one to touch the crayons therefor it is not her mess, and therefor she is not responsible for cleaning. Last night she refused to wear her pajamas because they were inside out and she screamed for me to fix them for her. But she knows how to fix them, she just didn't want to get ready for bed. We are talking stall tactics here. So I told her the longer it took her to get her pajamas on the more time it would take away from story time. She sat in her room and screamed to everyone who would listen that "she was four and three quarters and that she did not have to put her pajamas on, and that she would yell until I came in and did it for her." Now I know this is a small little thing to get in an argument with a four year old about, oh excuse me four and three quarters, but the issue at hand is that she all of a sudden wants to argue about everything. No matter what I say she will say the opposite. I know this is about pushing the boundaries that we set for her, but I also think it is about the fact that she is growing older and she now has to do some things for herself. She sees her little sister Aly getting all sorts of assistance, but we are helping her to learn. Sometimes she wants to be completely independent and then the next minute she wants our help with everything. I know this is a hard age for her, learning so much about the world in such a short period of time, I didn't realize just how hard it would be. The good thing about this all is that a big hug usually solves all the world's problems and calms us all down again. This is the first time that her behavior is worse than her little sisters, but I guess like all other things it will pass.


landismom said...

I think the realization that I am slowly coming to is that a child of any age can drive you insane, as long as they are yours. I know that constant negotiation is certainly a feature of the 7 & 3/4 aged kid, from my own experience, and it is pretty wearing.

Keep your chin up. Maybe when she graduates from law school, she'll buy you a nice car.

Wubert said...

i guess this is something to look forward to. i've got a 7 month old who isn't much for arguing--yet [maybe once she learns how to speak it'll be a different story.]