Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Our kids love Dan Zanes and other stories

We took the kids to their first official concert on Sunday.  Dan Zanes live at the Aladdin Theater.  I had never been to the Aladdin before (I know I have lived here almost two years now and haven't got out much), but I will be back, it was a great place for a concert.  The kids danced the whole hour and a half that Dan and his friends played.  It was a sold out show, every kid there was enthralled the entire time.  All in all great times were had by all. 

We are meeting with the principal of our neighborhood school on Friday to discuss kindergarten early admission for Cat.  Her birthday falls in September but the deadline for enrollment is September 1st.  I am really hoping she will be able to get in early.  I went back and forth on the issue earlier this year.  Part of me just didn't want to deal with the hassle of it all, but after listening to my heart I know she is ready.  I think she is going to be bored if she has to stay in preschool another year, we would really need to supplement with other activities for her if she isn't accepted.  Keep your fingers crossed that the principal thinks she is ready, if she gives us the go we will have Catriona go through the psychiatric evaluation they require (I know it is crazy) to test IQ.

Our nanny will be leaving us at the end of the month and we are all sad about losing her. It looks like we will be using drop in care at Grandma's Place over by Lloyd Center for this last month that we will need someone.  That is until S goes back to work in the fall.  The kids and S went on a tour today and they didn't want to leave, they are really excited to go to a new "school".  So even though we are going to miss our nanny we were happy to find something that the kids are excited about.

We have been doing a lot of house project lately.  S painted our entire paneled basement, which was a huge undertaking.  I took the kids up to my parents for a few days while that was going on just to get them out of the house.  It is so much easier to get things done when the kids are not there.  I finished our bedroom, we added some new furnishings to the living room and we got the kids' room all organized and decorated.  We have officially owned our house for two years now and we are just getting to decorating it, we are lazy folk what can I say.

Hopefully I will have an update Friday afternoon on the kindergarten issue.  I just want to get next fall situated, I have been so confident that she will get into kindergarten early that I didn't set up a back up plan, hope that doesn't bite me in the butt later on.


landismom said...

Good luck with the kindergarten thing. We had a similar situation with the Bee--her birthday is the last day of September, and that is the deadline for registration in our district. We had to decide whether to have her be the youngest kid in the class, or the oldest, and we opted for the youngest. I've never looked back as far as academics were concerned, but there have been maturity issues from time to time.

Kerri said...

We love Dan Zanes! What a great experience for your girls. You are lucky that you live in a state that has so many music and outdoor festivals. My brother and sister live out there and they are always doing stuff with the kids.

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Kerri Roberts, BoldMouth