Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kindergarten '08

Well after much deliberation we have decided to wait one more year and have Cat start kindergarten in 2008 instead of pushing for this year.  Even though the principal of our neighborhood school feels like she would do well she leaves it up to the IQ test performed by a child psychologist.  Currently the Portland School District only allow kids early admission if they test in the upper 97% and according to the child psychologist it doesn't happen that often.  After speaking with Cat's preschool teacher and the school principal we feel that Cat will be fine in a pre-K program next year.  If she ends up going into Kindergarten next year and is way more advanced than the other kids then we will deal with it at that time, but for now we will just let her be a kid.  Plus this way she and Aly will be only one year apart in school and I think that is pretty cool.  Hopefully they will be even closer friends/sisters that way.


chichimama said...

Glad you made a decision, it must feel good. And it sounds like a well thought out one to me as well.

mo-wo said...

Voice from the past here... Nice post by the way.. Gawd I have to think all that through like yesterday!

And -- tag you're it... questions are at http://blogrhet.blogspot.com/2007/05/blog-on-blog-action-survey-and-yes-this.html.. and my post at my house went up today.