Saturday, March 10, 2007

waiting for paint to dry

I am literally waiting for the paint to dry on my bedroom ceiling. That is the one task that has stopped me from painting my bedroom. I had never painted a ceiling before last night (I was scared), and after the second coat this morning I may never do it again. Oh wait there is still a hallway to paint, crap. I will get S to do that one. I have put off and put off painting the bedroom (kind of like posting an entry in the month of February) and it never got done. So this weekend with the kids away I am finishing the job. I needed to get the ceiling painted, walls and trim done, and one wall of fabric put up before everyone gets home. We have had all of the supplies forever but regular life and that aforementioned fear of painting ceilings has always stopped me from getting things done. S and I have come up with a new plan for getting stuff done around the house, we schedule it on the calendar. Because when we say "oh, next weekend we could get out side and clean up the garden" it just doesn't happen. But if we say "next weekend we are working from 8-12 outside in the garden" and we actually write it on the calendar we manage to get it done. Funny how that whole scheduling thing works outside of the office as well. Do you think it would work for posting to this here blog?

Shipwreck at Fort Stevens

What else have I been up to? Not a whole lot, just living life and loving my family. S and I have made a pact to reconnect with each other and the kids, so every month we plan a weekend family trip away from home. Last month we went camping at the coast, this month we will be going to a friends cabin on Whidbey Island up in Washington, one of my very favorite places that I spent a lot of time at growing up. Here in Oregon we love staying in the yurts and cabins that you can rent through the Oregon State Parks, and the kids love it as well. They have electricity and heat which means my one pet peeve about camping, being cold, gets nipped in the bud. Plus the fact they have beds to sleep on, saves me from sore back the next day. They even have teepees you can reserve at a couple of parks in eastern Oregon one near John Day which I would love to go explore one day. Plus the kids would love it just for the dinosaur aspect.

Speaking of dinosaurs, my kids love them right up there with their other current love of pirates. Have any of you read Captain Flinn and Pirate Dinosaurs? We got it from the library and have already renewed it once, I think I need to go to A Children's Place and pick up a copy. It combines pirates and dinosaurs in one great book. Did I mention the princess phase has cooled off a bit? Since I am not a pink and glitter girl, I am a little happy about that one.

Well, back to see if the paint is dried yet, and most importantly cross my fingers that I don't have to paint it for a third time. We bought cheap ceiling paint so the coverage is not so great. Oh well, by the end of the weekend I will have a nice new bedroom to sleep in and a dresser to sell, if anyone is interested I will be putting it up on craigslist sometime next week.

Oh, one more thing before I go, we got tickets to go see Dan Zanes in April. I think S and I were more excited than the girls, but they haven't been to a concert before. I guess two more things, one of the bands that S plays in TRay and the Shades is playing the last Thursday in April at the Kennedy School. It is all ages and should be really fun.


nonlineargirl said...

Nice to see you back a bit.

My trick for outdoor work is to invite my in-laws over. Ada is then completely distracted by grandma, and grandpa can't sit still, so he helps us build or dig or whatever. Worked great yesterday!

devinemom said...

oh we need to get out more like that. we have been talking about doing things but i think that we are now getting read to come out of hibernation and start doing somethings. we just recently got back into the groove of doing house work. honestly i think that the winter made us stop working all together on house related projects.

i have complete empathy for you and the garden/paint projects. they are on our lists along with getting bids on different jobs around the house.

enjoy your trips. we hope to get a few in soon even if they are just day hikes.