Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Ogre Post

Scott took Cat to a new ballet class on Monday through the Parks and Rec. During the class each child was asked to pick an animal to be for part of the class. As they went around the class you heard “cat”, “dog”, “butterfly”, “lion”, and then you get to Cat who says “I want to be a big ogre!”
When I got home from work and Scott told me this story I asked Cat if she thought ogres were animals. She said “no Mama, ogres aren't animals but they would make the best pets. Oh, I wish I had an ogre for a pet.” I love that my kids are silly like this, not afraid to stray from the norm. I am sure when she said it she pictured Shrek living in our house.


nonlineargirl said...

That is excellent. Maybe the ogre is her spirit guide!

og of the ogres said...

mmm nice to know my kind are liked by some people ....

but OGRES ae not pets ...well saved to very powerful mages and some echantres.

anyway nice to meet ya