Friday, January 12, 2007

Nintendo DS = Hip Mama or Hip Wife?

You know when someone asks you a question and an answer comes to mind right away but you really aren't sure if that is the answer the person wants to hear so you bury it back in and pull out a new answer. Or am I the only one? Well that is what I went through when I saw this post on Crazy Hip Blog Mamas.

Why would a Pink Nintendo DS Lite make me a hipper mama?

Here are a few answers I came up, all of them being true but not my first thoughts on the subject:
  1. It is pink and electronic, my girls would flip and I think I was a total hip mama. Is there something in the little girl brain that equates pink to all things cool?
  2. I have so been out of the loop on video games ever since Nintendo 64 or Colecovision. Does anyone remember Colecovision? That was about the last time I played video games on a regular basis. If I had my very own little video game system I could become so "now", so "with it".
  3. It would give me that techno edge to talk to all the guys I work with about video games. I am literally the only woman working on a project with 20 guys. Feeling a little "in" with this group would definitely increase my hipness factor. Plus, they might take me a little more seriously when I discuss work topics. Also what is it with guys and video games? Although this does relate a little more to my answer below.

The best answer of all is that I would be become the ultimate hip chick in the eyes of my husband. Talk about something working better than lingerie to get a guys attention. It is probably one of the only things that is pink & electric, that would get him that excited (that is unless it came in a plain, brown paper box, but that would be something completely different). He wouldn't even care that it was pink. He would care that his smart, beautiful, sexy, and incredibly hip wife won it online. And let's face it, there is no one in this world other than our kids who can make us feel more beautiful and hip than our husbands. A hip wife = a hip mama = a hip lady.


SugarMama said...

I unfortunately cannot manage to learn how to use those game stuff. I swear my intelligence can only go as far as the Atari joystick and the little red button and I can't play pong for the life of me. But I think I'm still hip...maybe? you think? hehe

BTW- thanks for visiting my blog, and it was nice to find yours as well. I will be visiting ofte. Also, I have a little contest in my blog that I just posted...that is if you are interested :-)

dianeinjapan said...

Good luck to ya'! You're cracking me up with the pink/electric/in a brown paper box thing!