Monday, January 15, 2007

Material Monday - Publisher Textiles

Publisher Textiles based out of Australia has some beautiful fabrics. I am guessing they are way out of my price range, probably more in the "if I win the lottery and take a trip to Australia I would buy this fabric" range. I found them through a link at Cheeky Beaks another crafty blog that I discovered, she picks out some great fabrics, and designs them herself.

I finally got back into my sewing room and organized a bit plus got some pillows done for the girls room. I ran out of the fabric I need to finish them up so I will have to put an order in for some more yardage (that last ones needs to be on sale before I buy it). I am hoping to finish the pillows and the rest of their bedding by next weekend, guess I better go order the fabric now.


Sandra said...

Oh these are lovely!

scribbit said...

Whenever I see a beautiful fabric like that I automatically think, "Oh that would make a nice skirt . . . " and I envision the finished product.

That's why I have a ton of skirts I suppose.

Cheeky Beaks said...

When you win the lottery and make your way to Australia, I'll drive you to Publisher Textiles myself!

Velma said...

Oh, those are just gorgeous! I just discovered your blog today, and am loving some of the links I'm finding here. Thanks!