Friday, January 26, 2007

Fabric Friday - with update

In the Oregonian home section yesterday they had an article on what colors will be hot this year. The number one was pink, it was just named color of the year by ICI paints. Have they been talking to Cat? So as I was looking at fabrics I concentrated in the pink family and found this one that I like. I am not a huge pink fan but being a mother of two girls I have bought a few yards of pink here and there. I found this one on Cia's Palette. It is currently sold out so I guess they are right, pink is hot so far this year.

Update: I stumbled upon the site of the designers of this print, Prints Charming out of Australia. What is it with all of these talented folks down there, I am drawn to more and more Australian sites everyday. This fabric is one of the lines being produced by Free Spirit Fabrics who also puts out Heather Bailey's great prints. Like this one:

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