Friday, January 19, 2007

Fabric Friday

Kristen Doran Design has just updated her site with the sweetest owl fabric.  I love it and since I am selfish like that I put in my order before posting about it online.  I mentioned her blog Cheeky Beaks on Monday when I saw her link to Publisher Textiles, and when I saw that she had this owl fabric going up for sale today I knew at once that she would be my Fabric Friday post.


All bags and prints are copyright to kristen doran design 2006


scribbit said...

Maybe you've alrady seen this site but today I came across this great blog for making handbags out of the prettiest fabrics.

It reminded me of your fabric swatches a bit and convinced me that maybe I should try making one of those gorgeous things.

You've probably already seen it, but it was new to me.

dianeinjapan said...

This fabric is adorable! I'll have to check out the blog Scribbit mentioned.

devinemom said...

great find! i love this fabric and seeing that Alena is in love with Owls right now this may be something to buy. thank you for passing this on.

Mother of Two said...

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