Friday, June 30, 2006

Fabric Friday

Before we enjoy a long holiday weekend I wanted to make sure I got my fabric Friday selection in on time. Especially since I was tardy for two weeks.

Since we have been doing some exterior work my thoughts have been turning to outdoor fabric. I really love the bright colors in this striped fabric, it would look great on our patio. It is a P. Kaufman fabric and for $10.95 a yard is really not a bad price for the outdoor stuff. I found this at House Fabric which I just discovered today. The fabric is called Bistro Stripe Azealea and the orangey gold color is what we are painting our house so it would tie in nicely.

Have a great holiday everyone!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fabric Friday on a Wednesday

I have neglected this blog for a little while, but I am on my way back.

First things first, I am sure you have all been wondering where my Friday fabrics are, well I need to make up for two weeks so here you go:

The first few fabrics come from a collection called "Splash On" from Sea Cloth (thanks Mama for the tip!). Although it looks like the only store that sells their items directly is there own in CT. The only other way to get them is by going through a designer. I just might need to contact their store for more info, I wonder if they have a catalog? I just love the colors and they would look great in our soon to be restyled back yard.

Plus this one from Heather Ross called Party Girl that I found on Repro Depot (you know I love that place.)

It would be perfect for the girls' birthdays coming up in a few months. Little jumpers maybe? or maybe not since it is $30/yard.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some home purchases

No pictures of the house yet. But a few pictures of some items we have picked up recently.

Our new rain chains:

The new house numbers:

We picked both of these up from Outdoor Decor. I loved a bunch of stuff on this site.

I know not a real exciting post, but I did add pictures of the girls below, that is always exciting.

Monday, June 19, 2006

A little hiatus

We are beginning our long list of home improvement projects for the summer, which is why I haven't had much time for posting lately. Let alone I have another cold, aren't spring/summer colds the worst? So if my posts are few and far between for the next few weeks don't worry, I am fine, just busy. I will try and post some before and after picks, you will at least get a photographic journal of the goings on in the Mamaland household.

So to tide you over I give you some pics of the girls. We went berry picking yesterday for Father's Day, I swear S chose to do this activity.

Oh, also a belated Happy Father's Day to the best husband, saxophone playing, stay at home daddy in the whole world. I love you very much and don't always let you know how much I appreciate you. Especially now that you will be taking on the bulk of the home improvement projects, oh how I appreciate that I get to do the decorating/gardening items and you get to do the heavy lifting.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogging Photos

I have been so bad about posting photos on this blog.  At first I wasn't sure why, my kids are cute, and we take a lot of pictures.  Then I realized that I have blogging photo envy.  I look at quite a few crafty blogs and not only are these folks incredibly talented but most of them manage to take great photos.  These photos go way beyond my blase photo taking skills.  So people how do you do it?  I feel inferior.  What kind of cameras do you use?  We love having a digital camera, and sometimes we get great photos, but most of the time they aren't great.  Is it our camera (Canon Powershot) or is it human error?
Here is a list of some fabulous photogs out there (really, is photog a word?):
Picture This and her cool mama blog Mother May I.
Sincope a wonderful Brazilian mama living in AZ, she also does web design.
The Petite Gourmand, maybe it is her cutie patootie little girl, but I love her pics.
6.5st pure crafty beauty.
Soule Mama, she finds such beautiful fabrics.
A few Portland gals -
little birds, the cutest softies around.
angry chicken (although the pictures today are Japanese crafty, which are great).
Posie Gets Cozy, such beautiful things, and I am jealous of her studio.
Cafe Mama, she could be a professional photographer if she really wanted to be.
City Mama, a mama who will always have Portland in her heart.

There are so many out there.  So do you see why I have an inferiority complex?  I will try to be better, really I will.  However, for this posts I will let the others do the photo talking.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Fabric Friday - Fabric Connection

As I was surfing E-bay the other day I stumbled upon this great fabric store, Fabric Connection. Great selection of fabrics, super helpful if you have questions, and well priced. I found this cool Nancy Wolff fabric that I plan to use in the playroom for, what else, some chairs.

Then I found this great Robert Kaufman poppy fabric (although they kind of look like dogwood blossoms).

This so cool Alexander Henry fabric, that I already have some purse handles for, hip mama indeed.

Then this coffee fabric, oh how I love thee coffee. I am thinking of doing a stretched canvas sort of thing and hang it in the kitchen or possibly as trim on some cafe curtains above our sink.

Remember to check me out at Fabric Finds.