Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Let's Go, James!

To James who is out there somewhere in the wilds of Southern Oregon.

Can you hear us? We are your friends, although you haven't met us. We are keeping a vigil of hope, our virtual candles are lit waiting for you to come home to your family. We are yelling at you through our prayers, "Let's Go, James!" Can you hear us? Follow our voices we are leading you home.

Sorry if this sounds cheesy but sometimes I just need to have faith that their is power in numbers and just from reading the blogs out there everyone is thinking of you and your family. You will be found, and I hope it is today. You are a smart guy and your love for your wife and girls will keep you strong.

One more time so you can hear us, "Let's Go, James!"


cicely said...


cicely said...


Emily from RedWhineandBoo said...

"Let's Go, James!" Louder and louder now. I know he is hearing us in some way. Heather thanks for your words, they are not cheesy, they are beautiful.