Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmastime is here

I love Christmastime just for the magic it brings for the kids. Santa Claus is the greatest guy ever and he is at every mall in town, how does he get around so fast? And why as a parent am I not freaked out to be placing my girls on this guys lap? The houses on the street put up pretty sparkling lights that make the drive home much more fun, the girls think they are put up so Santa can find us, the house on the street without lights (that will change soon, but if they don't that is okay the neighbors have great lights.) The girls get gifts throughout the month (the best part for them), last night we celebrated with Scott's parents who were visiting from California. Cat received a keyboard (which she really, really, really wanted, how did Grandma know?) and Aly received a new baby doll (she would surround herself with baby dolls if she could), along with some more books for our little bookworms.

This weekend we will go visit Santa, put up the lights, and pick out our tree most likely at Lee Farms (home of those cider doughnuts I love so much, although I shouldn't eat them so soon after my surgery), and hopefully a little holiday crafting.

I have Tivo all set to record Rudolph and Frosty on Friday night, starting at 8:00 on CBS. Cat is so excited since this is the first year she will get to watch these holiday specials. Do you remember as a kid watching these specials on CBS? The "CBS Special Presentation" would come twirling onto the screen and it always meant something good was coming up next. It usually meant a Charlie Brown special that was always sponsored by snack cakes that they didn't sell up in Seattle (were they Little Debbie? I can't remember now.) Anyway, those TV specials were always part of the holidays for my brother and I, and I love that they still show them, if it isn't broke don't fix it.

I have some items on my wish list this year:

Red Mary Jane Crocs - ever since I broke my ankle I live in my Crocs, and the imitation ones do not even come close, I have tried them and they just are no where near the same.

Nike Diva Watch - I know I live in Nike town but I don't wear much from this company. Well I saw this watch in the Title Nine catalog and just fell in love with it.

Heartie Cowie Bank - I am awful at saving money, just plain bad. But maybe if I had this cute little cow sitting on my desk I would save some change here and there. Anyway, it is just so sweet.

Rosette Necklace - Everyone needs something pretty even if you don't always have a chance to wear it. I think I would wear this everyday if I got it. So precious. Plus it comes from de Jarnette in New Orleans which is where S and I got engaged this time seven years ago.

But what I really want for Christmas is for my family to be settled. S and I have both gone through some health things this year. I just want to have a happy end to 2006 and start 2007 with a new game. Oh crap, I think I am already starting my new year's resolutions and we haven't even gotten through Christmas yet.

One more thing, I hope that James Kim is found soon. Hi wife and little girls need him. I don't know what I would do without S. That really is the greatest present one could ask for, to have your family safe, healthy and celebrating in one place. I am not a praying woman but for this I have been saying a few words to whatever spirit is out there listening, bring James home.


mama without instructions said...

this holiday season is so much more fun already now that h is old enough to enjoy it. i'm with you on the thoughts for james kim also. as soon as his family was found he has been on my mind almost non stop.

Amy Kuwata said...

ZINGERS!!!! ;)