Friday, October 20, 2006

My secret crush

Inspired by Fidget's confession of her secret crush for John Cusack.  I figured it was only fitting to announce my own secret celebrity crush.
This crush didn't just begin a couple of years ago when I first spotted him on Grey's Anatomy, and I never watched that reality show he was on.  No this crush started in US History class in high school.  We sat in alphabetical order and I just happened to sit behind him.  He was a senior when I was a sophomore and for whatever reason we ended up in the same class.  He was the cool drama guy, the one everyone liked even though I would say he was a bit on the nerdy side.  But I had the biggest crush on him.  He was funny and smart and made history more bearable that year. 
Do you know who I am talking about yet?  Steven Bailey, aka Joe from GA, is my secret crush.  When I saw him on GA I thought he looked a little familiar, so I googled him and there he was my old high school crush.  I am positive that he would not remember me at all, because of course I just was not worth remembering back then (at least as a sophomore that is what I felt).  But I like him anyway and am happy every time he shows up on the screen.  I think one of these days he is going to be in a big break out role, I just wish GA would give him that opportunity.


devinemom said...

i must say that John Cusack is top on my list. Daniel always makes fun of me when i go on a kick with his movies. i just watch about ten of them a few months ago.

it is funny how we all have our pick of Actors...

Cityslicker Mom said...

that's awesome. have you seen his (supposed) blog?