Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Reader

Cat has always been a reader.  She loves books, and has been that way since she could focus on things as a baby.  She loves going to bookstores and the library.  She thinks the kids area at B&N is called the Reading Forest because of the trees painted on the walls.  She isn't even four and her favorite book is "Ramona the Pest".  This makes me so happy because I was a total book worm as a kid (most of my reading as a mom comes from other blogs and magazines).  I love that I get to read all of these books that I loved as a child all over again.  We are about half way through "Charlotte's Web" and I think we will pick up another Ramona book next.  I am so happy that my reading genes have been passed on to another generation.  She gets so excited when it is time for her to pick out her books for the night, today she even did a little dance when she announced she was going to find "Beauty and Beast" on the bookshelf.  Oh, I love my little reader!

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Nadiah Alwi said...

My BabyHana, too.

She just loves it when we take her to the bookstore or being given a book.

I'm kinda book worm, too...up 'til now :D