Friday, September 08, 2006

Fabric Friday

I am bouncing back from my blogging hiatus, getting that inspiration again. Here are two fun prints that I found on the Fabric Depot site and figured I would send them out to the universe. Today and tomorrow they are having their monthly 40% off all fabric sale. I liked these two because they reminded me of fish scales. One of the costume possibilities for Cat this Halloween is a mermaid and I thought this might work. I believe they are supposed to be cross sections of squash, but I liked the idea of making a fish out of them.

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devinemom said...

nice fabric! i hope you had fun at the sale. i contemplated going and then decided against it. there is already so much fabric needing to be used and i am getting very little done with what i have.

i can not wait to see what you go and what you do with it.