Friday, August 11, 2006

One month down

It has been one month since I broke my ankle. Well one month and two days, but who is counting? I am counting. Every single day gets checked off on my calendar. Only 1 1/2 weeks until my cast comes off but then the PT starts and learning how to walk again. I have all sorts of aches and pains, but the worst, by far worst thing about a cast is not being able to wash my leg. Yuck!

I have been told that the total healing process for my injury is about six months. Six friggin months. Everyday my girls want to know if I am better. As far as Cat is concerned she just wants me better for her birthday (six weeks away). Don't want to ruin the big four year old party. I also owe S many hours of childcare. He really wants me to be better soon. Can you imagine just a little slip in the backyard and I am down for the count. Oh, thank god I have insurance because my hospital bill came and just the time I spent in the emergency room, surgery, and overnight stay cost over $13,000, who knows how much the rest of the costs will be.

Life is good otherwise, kids are healthy, S starts a new job next month, Aly is turning two on the 22nd. I just like to have little pity parties every now and then.

I have been ignoring my poor blog lately, can't seem to get into the writing mode, but I will try harder, I promise.


mama without instructions said...

i know what you mean about not being in writing mode. you have a broken ankle. you deserve a pity party whenever you want one! i'm glad that you're getting closer to having the cast removed. i remebmer pretty vividly what my leg looked like when i had my cast removed. weird indeed but it healed fine and looks/feels totally normal now. i hope your's will too!!

Bridgermama said...

Poor mama. :(