Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My broken ankle story

I feel the need to get my broken ankle story out in the open since I seem to go over it in my head on a daily basis.
On July 9th around 10:00am we had just put Aly down for a nap and I set Cat up to finish watching a movie she had started the night before.  I told her I was going outside for a few minutes to take pictures of the new house colors we were thinking of using for the house.  S was just on his way out to pick up some BBQ fixings for lunch.  I was moving around our backyard trying to get a good picture of the colors in the right light.  I was stepping over a pile of wood (leftover from home improvement) and my right heel landed on the edge of one of the pieces of wood.  That piece started sliding and as I fell to the ground twisting my ankle.  I don't remember hearing or feeling a crack, but I knew something was wrong because when I moved my leg my ankle just hung down.  Having never broken a bone I didn't know what was wrong, except that it hurt.  I knew that S had just left and I knew I couldn't get back into the house by myself.  I started calling for help and luckily my neighbor heard me.  She came rushing over and helped me into a chair then brought me a phone so that I could get a hold of S.  He came rushing back home, took a look at my ankle and said " we need to get you to the hospital". 
He practically carried me into the house where I rested in a chair while he got the kids in the car.  The emergency room wasn't that busy but every minute that ticked by seemed like an eternity.  I just wanted some pain killers and then everything would be better.  I could feel my body was in shock.  I had the chills, and had a hard time controlling my breathing when the pain got intense.  S said later that he had never seen me in so much pain.  The girls were being so good, wanting me to feel better.  Once I got into triage the nurse took a look at my ankle and told me they would get me in right away.  I told S to take the girls home as I would be there for while.  The doctor came in and looked at my ankle.  He wouldn't give me any pain medication until they knew exactly what was going on, twist or fracture.  There was a chance of surgery, he told me, and if that was the case he needed to wait to talk to the Orthopedic Surgeon.  I was wheeled back to x-ray.  She took one shot and told me that she wasn't allowed to tell me anything but she could show me the picture.  I could tell it wasn't good.  She did the rest of my x-rays and sent me back to my stall in the emergency room.  Doctor came back in and said I had three fractures and how did I feel about surgery that afternoon?  OMG, surgery?  He talked to the OS who said I could have morphine while they splinted my leg.  Morphine is a very strange drug.  I felt like it wasn't doing anything for the pain, it wasn't I could still feel the pain, but it was like I could care less about the pain.  It felt like my leg was just sitting there on the table.
I was wheeled up to my new "private room" in the hospital. I watched TV, had some more morphine and waited for S to come back.  S got there, our neighbors were watching the kids.  He couldn't believe that after a little fall in the backyard I was laying in the hospital waiting to go into surgery.  The doctor came in and explained the surgery and all I could concentrate on was hardware and six weeks off my feet.  Ugh.
So here I sit almost five weeks later hoping my ankle is healing.  Thinking about all the things I won't be able to do for awhile.  I know it will get better.  Good thing I am not a shoe person, because I probably won't be wearing heels anything soon.  It is a learning experience and a force that makes me take some time out and think about where I am in my life.  I have a whole list of things I want to start doing.  Projects with my kids, ideas to pursue, classes to take.  I can't wait to get back to work full time.  Above all I can't wait to just hang with my family again.  My kids deserve a lot of mama/kiddo time.


Fidget said...

yikes girl, just yikes!

When i broken my hand it was from a little fall into all fours while ice skating. I wasnt really moving, another skater pushed me down.

The shock part while they make you wait for meds is horrible. I could not imagine doing it with 3 fractures!

chichimama said...

Ohh, I am feeling ill just thinking about it! You poor, poor thing. I can;t believe they made you wait for drugs...