Thursday, August 31, 2006

Catch Up

I haven't written in a little while and something momentous has occurred.  My little Aly has turned two.  Yes, right before our eyes she has gone from a little baby to a full blown prima donna.  I am telling you she is a little diva.  Tantrums left and right.  She has no problem lying down on the sidewalk if it will help make a point.  However, she has not realized the pitfall of being the younger child.  With the first you try to figure out what is wrong with your child.  What should we do to stop this behavior?  The answer is you do nothing. You just have to let her do her own thing.  She snaps out of it pretty quickly once she realizes we aren't paying attention.  Then when she does something great, like helping clean up, we give her huge amounts of praise.  She is getting a tiny bit better everyday, she actually listened to me this morning when I asked her to not smash her face against the window.  Instead she gave me a big hug smashing her snotty nose into the front of my shirt instead.  So for the big turning two occasion we had a yummy coconut cake, a few balloons, and a couple of choice gifts that she loved.  It wasn't all fun and games though because S was sick, we had to do a very low key party.  To make it up to her, yeah like she will really remember this one, we will kind of do a combo Cat and Aly party next month when Cat turns four.
Like I said above, Scott has been sick.  He was in huge amounts of pain.  I won't go into details as I am sure he would hate to know I was writing about it, but it was basically making it impossible for him to sit for any length of time.  He ended up in urgent care, the emergency room, and then in surgery.  He was so much better after surgery.  It was a tough few weeks with me still on the mend and then S ending up in the hospital.  Things are better now.  Plus my mom came to stay with us for a couple weeks, super huge help.
As for my leg, life with the boot has been great and now after just two weeks I am being asked to wean off of the boot.  As a mom you know how hard it is for your kids to wean off of anything they have become accustomed to using on a regular basis.  Well that is me with the boot.  I must give it up.  Physical therapy is going great I can walk without crutches very, very slowly.  But my balance is not where it should be so outside of PT I still need to use them.  But the boot I just don't want to give it up yet, even though they say I don't need it anymore.  It supports my no muscle, swollen, bruised, scarred leg and without it I don't feel so hot.  Not to mention most shoes will not fit on my right foot.  I had to go out and spend some dollars on a few new pairs of wide-load shoes, Crocs, Keens, and some NBs.  I can't even get my foot into my beloved Danskos.  My therapist said I should just hide the boot away and try not to use it, to only bring it out if I get really sore.  So what does really sore mean? If a few Tylenol don't solve the problem then the boot can come out.
Cat has had swim class the past two weeks.  She is really great at blowing bubbles, but so far refuses to stick her whole face in the water.  She has one more class tomorrow to do this great feat, otherwise she will not be able to move up to being a Pre-Penguin.  She loves swimming.  I don't know when I have ever seen her smile so much in such a short period of time.  Warms a mama's heart to see her little girl so happy.


Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

Terrible Twos.

Terrible Threes.

Feisty Fours.

Freaky Fives.

Salty Sixes.

The list could go on and on LOL!

chichimama said...

Happy birthday to her!

sweatpantsmom said...

Happy Birthday to Aly! I smugly thought I had skipped over the Terrible Twos, and weren't my children so perfect?

Little did I know the Terrible Threes were around the corner, just waiting to bite me in the ass.

metro mama said...

Happy birthday Aly!