Saturday, July 22, 2006


One phrase that I had never googled until last week, "broken ankle".  Yet, I have googled that phrase several times since I got set up with my laptop in the bedroom.  I sit here day in and day out trying to keep the swelling down in my ankle.  I prop my leg up on several pillows and try to find a comfortable spot so that I can spend time on the computer.  I have found a whole new community of folks like me stuck with one leg up in the air.  Did you know there is a website called  Did you know that people make a living creating custom cast covers?
I try to stay upbeat and look at the bright side of all of this, I mean how often will I get the chance to just lay around in bed, work from home, and have people wait on me?  Probably never again.  And I am completely fine with that.  I want to me able to just go take a shower.  I want to go out and pull the weeds.  I want to commute for an hour on MAX.  So I am very thankful that this is not a permanent condition.  Before I know it I will be back to my old self, but better.  I want to get in shape again, I used to be in shape.  I also want to really pursue my sewing.  It is something that I enjoy doing, it makes me happy and it allows me to make things for the girls. 
One of the strangest things that has come about from all of this is that it has forced me to try and let things go.  I can't control everything in my life.  Life has it's own story to tell and I am fine with letting things go ... for now anyway.

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