Friday, July 28, 2006

Fabric Friday and other things I love

I almost missed my chance to get in my fabric of choice this week, I just made it:

This one is from Repro Depot and I just love the color combo.

Other things that I love:

Atomic Ranch Magazine. As an owner of a mid-century ranch (1956) I would love to have some of the furniture I see in this magazine. Also as a testament to the coolness of Portland I heard that they relocated here.

Zappos. If you are looking for shoes, any kind of shoe, you can find it at Zappos. They have free shipping both ways, so you buy some shoes they don't quite work and you can return them free! Plus whenever I have ordered something from them they usually come the same week I order them. Excellent customer service and a great selection.

Ikea. Yes, like many other Portlanders I am so excited that Ikea is coming next year. The stuff is a pain in the butt to put together but it looks so cute once it is. We have an Ikea kitchen and we love it. Right now we visit when we are up visiting the grandparents but that isn't always convenient if you are purchasing a big piece of furniture. The style is fun, the price is right and they have a play area for the kids.

My Broken Leg. Okay this one isn't for everyone but if you have a broken ankle or leg this site is a lifesaver. For others like me who have never broken a bone I had no idea what was going to happen, what the cast is like after you have had it on for 3 weeks, literally forgetting how it feels to walk, and how much physical therapy I get to look forward to. It is a great community of people who all have a lot of extra time to play on the computer.

Bembo's Zoo. If you have kids who are learning their alphabet this site is great. Both of my girls love finding the letters and seeing what animals are made. It is a flash site so if you have dial up it might be a little slow.

Design Sponge. This is an unbelievable collection of everything fabulous in modern design. I just love to visit this site on a daily basis and dream that someday maybe one little corner of my house could be so cool.


Veronica Mitchell said...

Thanks for the link to Bembo's. I just showed it to my toddler and she loved it.

devinemom said...

oh the fabric is amazing, i need some. as for the Atomic Ranch Mag we are in love with it. i am looking forward to there book that is going to be out soon. our new place is a 1953 ranch and judging by the looks of the place the old owner kept a lot of it true to the times.

love your taste in so many of the things mentioned. i do hope that all is well with your leg and that you are up and moving around soon.

Dutch said...

that bembo's zoo link is great! thanks so much. it reminds me of a book we read called "color zoo."

Bridgermama said...

I love bembo's zoo! I cannot wait until I can share this site with B!