Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some home purchases

No pictures of the house yet. But a few pictures of some items we have picked up recently.

Our new rain chains:

The new house numbers:

We picked both of these up from Outdoor Decor. I loved a bunch of stuff on this site.

I know not a real exciting post, but I did add pictures of the girls below, that is always exciting.


Caryn said...

I love these--especially the house number. Will have to look at Outdoor Decor. Wonder if they ship?

Brad Munson said...

Beautiful rain chains...even for Southern Callifornia! Never heard of Outdoor Decor, and it's a real find. Thanks for that and all your rec's ... I mentioned it over on my own blot at

Mama C-ta said...

We have practically the exact same house #'s...except an 8,1 and 0 :)