Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogging Photos

I have been so bad about posting photos on this blog.  At first I wasn't sure why, my kids are cute, and we take a lot of pictures.  Then I realized that I have blogging photo envy.  I look at quite a few crafty blogs and not only are these folks incredibly talented but most of them manage to take great photos.  These photos go way beyond my blase photo taking skills.  So people how do you do it?  I feel inferior.  What kind of cameras do you use?  We love having a digital camera, and sometimes we get great photos, but most of the time they aren't great.  Is it our camera (Canon Powershot) or is it human error?
Here is a list of some fabulous photogs out there (really, is photog a word?):
Picture This and her cool mama blog Mother May I.
Sincope a wonderful Brazilian mama living in AZ, she also does web design.
The Petite Gourmand, maybe it is her cutie patootie little girl, but I love her pics.
6.5st pure crafty beauty.
Soule Mama, she finds such beautiful fabrics.
A few Portland gals -
little birds, the cutest softies around.
angry chicken (although the pictures today are Japanese crafty, which are great).
Posie Gets Cozy, such beautiful things, and I am jealous of her studio.
Cafe Mama, she could be a professional photographer if she really wanted to be.
City Mama, a mama who will always have Portland in her heart.

There are so many out there.  So do you see why I have an inferiority complex?  I will try to be better, really I will.  However, for this posts I will let the others do the photo talking.


nonlineargirl said...

One key trick is to take a ton of photos. Even professional photos (especially them, actually) take a lot of pictures, end up with a couple knock outs.

Also, crop a otherwise manipulate photos that you like but have something wrong. Great picture of your child shows the mess on the couch? Cut off that part of the picture. Photo too dark? Lighten it a bit.

Not that I'm claiming to be a great photographer, but I do find that taking ten pictures of the same thing increases the chance that one will be lovely. I cart my camera everywhere. Hey, I'm taking my diaper bag or purse anyway!

Stephanie said...

There is lots of great software out there to crop and edit your pictures. Some probably even came with your camera. If not google 'photo editting software'. Or if you want to try a big program you can try free trials of Photoshop ( or Paint Shop Pro ( Photo Impression from Arcsoft is another good one for both editting and viewing pictures. That one came with our printer, but I know you can go to .

I wish I posted more pictures. My problem is that I never think to until I am already posting. Then I would have to download the pictures off the camera, and edit them, and upload them to Photobucket. SO I end up just skipping it.

Denzylle said...

My own favorite is

I also have a Canon Powershot, and aspire to better photographs.

Cafe Mama talked (recently) about her cameras, filters, etc., - all film cameras, by the way - and (obviously) her love of the fish eye.

How do others feel about digital v. film? And, if digital, is it down to the cost of the camera, or down to the editing and enhancing tools?

Zee said...

Hello Heather! Oh, stop it! Do a thing, try, try and try. Practise. I've posted a link to that DIY website with some good tips about photography. One is pretty good, because talks about how shoot kids well. Your camera is good. Canon is one of the best brands. Read the instructions (they always come with a book and for better pictures, do it what they say). Try close up shots (I love it). Hope I am helping. I am not great..but if I can help you...
Software is good for some help. Correct light, contrast, etc..but you won't fix everything doing that. Some photos are impossible to correct.
Thanks a lot!!!I wanna see pictures here, don't be shy, show us because I am sure you can do it.

maalea_mama said...

R wont let me put the photos up, but besides I'm feeling pretty inadequate with learning how to even get them online. YOu're doing great! It takes me forever to just blog, let alone all the things you do. It must take you some little bit of time.

How are you doing? I finally added another post to my blog. come read me. are things better with you? Have you gotten you space set up yet? HOw's the remodel coming? email me some pics of in progress stuff. I can't picture it, and we'd love to see it.

talk soon!

Mama C-ta said...

I feel the same way, my photos suck and that's after hours of photshopping them. I've asked everyone what kinds of cameras they use, lighting, etc. Still, mine suck but that doesn't stop me from posting hundreds :)

Eli's Mom said...

Wow - you're right! Some of those moms have great photos (cafe mama especially). Dont' let that stop you though... a lot of 'good' photo taking is in the practice. Thank God for digital cameras so you can practice without spending money on film. Post those pictures! :)

Waya said...

For me, I'm a little afraid of posting photos of my family b/c there are so many weirdos out there. So I haven't really post any pix on my blog. But I do have some funny ones, not saying that they are good, but funny...yes.

I love all the pix that Mother May I took. She's extremely talented, I think.

Maybe you folks can give me a tip or two about your feelings of posting or not posting photos of your family.

petite gourmand said...

thanks for the shout out...
hope your leg mends quickly!
oh and I looove those carpet tiles...very cool.