Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm back

I'm back.  I hit a little blogging burnout and needed to take a break.  I found myself stressing over blogging which was totally not the point of this blog in the first place.  So I just needed to step back for a second take a deep breath and deal with life for awhile without the computer.

So here is my week in review:

The air compressor went out on our van, this happens to be one of the most expensive items to fix on our van, and also after further Internet research is a fairly common problem with our model.  So we seriously contemplated getting a new car, as far as actually getting a home equity loan to pay for it.  However, after further contemplation we decided to just fix our van and drive it into the ground.  When we have got all of our money out of the car we will then get a new one.  A new car is cool, but we don't need one.  So that leaves us with a brand new home equity loan.  Oh what to do?  Well we have decided that we are going to pretend that we are on one of my favorite shows " Curb Appeal" and get new windows, new front door, storm door, stone patio, storage shed, covered patio overhaul and paint.  We will hire out the big jobs but most of the others we will do ourselves, we like to save a buck or two.  So that is what has been taking up all of my precious computer time lately, looking at house stuff on-line.  It is really fun even if most of the stuff is way, way out of our price range, but I still love looking. 

The kids are doing great.  Aly had a doc appointment on Monday, I can not believe she is already 21 months now.  Here are her stats: 35 1/2 inches tall and 31 pounds.  Doc says she is growing like a weed and in great health.  No appointment for Cat which she was glad to hear since last time she went in she got her flu shot and was none to happy with the nurse.  But she is doing great too, it seems like she just keeps growing out of all of her clothes.  They are getting passed down to Aly at a fast and furious pace.  Aly is already wearing Cat's 3T stuff. Aly's side of the closet is stuffed with clothes, while Cat's is looking a little grim.  I think some shopping may be in order this weekend.

I have decided to start keeping my eyes open for another job, I would just love to be closer to home.  The other day it took 2 hours to get home.  I am a staunch believer in public transportation, and because of that I need to find a place to work that will give me a sensible commute.  And so because of this decision no more blogging during my lunch break. 

A job opened up for a middle school band teacher in Camas, WA right across the river and I think S might apply for it.  He has been missing teaching lately, and I think feeling a wee bit bad that I have been feeling most of the financial burden this last year.  I would love for him to go back to work, it would be a perfect time for us especially with me looking for something new and also wanting to send Aly to a pre-preschool in the fall.  I just want her to be able to have some time with other little kids besides her sister.  That socialization was great for Cat and we would love for Aly to have the same experience.  Plus it might give me the opportunity to work part time and start a business from home part time, I would sooooooooooooo love it.  The only thing standing in his way is obtaining a Washington State teaching credential since his California one won't just transfer over.

After our nice warm weather last week it has decided to return to typical Portland spring weather which means rain.  This is great news for the plants, even better news for the weeds (which have quadrupled in size) but not such great news for kiddos who really want to play in their garden.  But it makes for some great exploration of the city.  Today, being one of my Fridays off (so loving this Friday off schedule), we went to the Portland Children's Museum.  There was a field trip there, which made it a little crazy for the kids, but let me tell you this, they loved it! Nothing better than a place you can take your kids and just let run wild.  We just sat back and watched.  I love it how kids can become best friends in a matter of seconds and then say goodbye just minutes later.  Kids social behaviour is amazing.  This is the last weekend of their Sesame Street exhibit which was a lot of fun as well.  The kids got to sit on the stoop, hang out with Elmo and the Count, dress up like Big Bird, and play with puppets.  It was a fun time and we were all tired when we got home.

I will try my hardest to get my regular posts up, hopefully I can at least start posting some house photos as we start fixing things up.

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landismom said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I went on my daughter's field trip to the zoo yesterday & it was a mad-house (or, dare I say it, a zoo!). I guess the Friday before Memorial Day is a big field trip day. Have a great weekend!

honey said...

can't believe I forgot about the Sesame Street exhibit! El Niño would've loved it...

glad you're back too! I figured you probably needed some "me" time, it's so hard to squeeze that in, huh? Your Aly sounds like she'd dwarf my boy, LOL. Hooray for healthy kids!