Friday, May 19, 2006

Fabric Friday

I bring you this fabulous new fabric from a great online store I found called Make Me Fabrics. They have new and vintage designs. If you live near Asheville, NC you can even pick up your order for free. I would love to make a little a-line skirt out of this fabric. That with some flipflops, a white t-shirt, and a little tote bag would be the perfect little weekend shopping outfit. At least for me anyway. I only wear skirts in the spring and summer so I am getting ready to pull out some of my fabric and sew some up, dis dressed has some great suggestions for patterns. I always feel like such a tomboy that the warm weather gives me an excuse to be girly every once in a while, my husband appreciates that as well.

I am so thankful that it is Fabric Friday and I can get the McClown Baby off of the top of my blog. That was really scary, but if you are so inclined to see something even more bizarre and wrong, head on over to finding yourself despite yourself and get ready to McPuke.

Don't forget to stop by my great tenant this week: Mama? Mama Come Here! She has a fabulous blog (I love using fabulous), and since she was feeling down on herself yesterday go on over and tell her how great she is. Plus I love her profile photo, if I only I could get away with shoes like that.


petite gourmand said...

great fabric.
I was just asking tracy (jumilla bugs) about where to find great vintage fabric.
thanks for the tip.

Fidget said...

i envy your craftiness.

seriously if you have pictures of your clothing creations i would lOVE to feature you on my Mama Makes Stuff blog

thanks for the linky love :)