Friday, May 05, 2006

Fabric Friday

Flea Market Fancy is one of my new favorite collections. These are Free Spirit fabrics designed by Denyse Schmidt. Denyse is also a quilt designers who designs some of the coolest quilts around.

Speaking of fabrics, one of my favorite places is having their 40% off sale today and tomorrow. If you live in Portland and are into fabric you probably know what I am talking about, Fabric Depot. Even if you do not live in Portland they offer their sale over their website as well. The best thing? They have these fabrics, yay!


nonlineargirl said...

Healther, your timing is impeccable. My crafty mother in law will be in town tomorrow. Plus, I (foolishly) purchased a used sewing machine (impulse buy) and think I need a little project to get me back in the swing of sewing. (read: something to practice on while I re-learn how to use a sewing machine.)

I have a skirt I love that looks like it would be very easy to replicate - just three pieces. With sale fabric, I won't feel so devastated if I screw up the first attempt.

Stephanie said...

I miss sewing, I used to love quilting. Right now, not enough time and too many little touch everything fingers.

I have been falling behind on visiting, so I haven't seen you in a while.
Your posts have been so funny!! I just LMAO!