Sunday, May 07, 2006

Do I look any older to you?

I am officially 33 today! Woohoo! Yeehaw! Yahoo! Why am I so excited? I don't know but I felt like I needed to whoop it up for my birthday.

We had a pretty exciting weekend in the Mama Land house. Yesterday I got to spend my birthday moola (thanks to the in-laws) at Fabric Depot (one of my favorite spots) and spent most of it in one shot buying stuff for my craft room (fabric and accessories), that is still not put together and is slowly becoming the junk room of the house. But it was fun, no kids, no hubby asking if I am done, just me and my cart and thousands of fabrics to choose from. My husband jokes that I am addicted to buying fabric and I think he is right. There are so many great designs out there, that is one of the reasons I have my Fabric Friday posts.

Today I was served breakfast in bed, baked apples and granola (yummy) and got to sit and read the newspaper without interruptions for a whole hour (can you believe it?) Then we hit up one of my favorite stores looking for some blinds for our kitchen we just couldn't find any in our size. Oh well, birthday bummer.

Now we are back home. I know this is probably not that exciting to many people but you other parents out there know that an hour to yourself in the morning drinking coffee and reading the newspaper is worth celebrating.

Tonight we are having Coconut Cream Pie (my favorite) and Hawaiian pizza (another favorite). Plus a chick flick of my choice. I chose "The Family Stone". I will give a review tomorrow, if anything it has one of my favorites, Luke Wilson, so I can enjoy watching him.

I am off to take a little nap, another birthday luxury today. Can I have a birthday once a month? That would be nice!

Remember to check out my renter Fidget at Finding Yourself Despite Yourself. She has an unbelievably funny story about a golden shower. Yes you heard me right, check it out before her lease is up and she moves on to another great rental.


rhonda said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I must say, the 30's ROCK!

chichimama said...

Happy birthday!!!!

nonlineargirl said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the fabric depot tip - I took my mother in law there yesterday. She thought she was just along for the ride until she saw the yarn. I bought fabric for an attempt at a skirt or two. We'll see.

landismom said...

Happy Birthday! I think the coffee and newspaper combo is heaven, personally.

Fidget said...

Happy Birthday!!! Breakfast in bed AND a whole hour to yourself? Dh must be doing something right!!

The way you are about fabric I am about paper, i can not WAIT for my studio to be completed so I can move in.

Stephanie said...


Mmm, I want that dinner and pie!

PeetsMom said...

AH - a kindred spirit! Bullheaded as we are! TODAY is my birthday! So Happy Birthday to you! And I LOVE the coconut cream too! Got to get a blog out today myself...later though! Happy happy!

Mommy off the Record said...

Mmmm. Coconut Cream pie and pizza. Good choices! Happy birthday!

Mama C-ta said...

Piiiiiie (drools) Happy belated bday! You are so right, I would get a year old every day if it meant I could drink 1 cup of coffee in peace.

I was just going to bid to be your new renter but don't have enough credits left. Drats!

Leia's mom said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I'm not far behind you.
Sounds like you had a nice day.
ooh, an hour to do absolutely nothing, that's awesome!!! Yup, I think only parents can appreciate what it's like not having to run after a little one for a little bit, and make sure they're not getting into some trouble.

sunshine scribe said...

Happy Belated Birthday Heather!!!!! Sounds like you had a well deserved, wonderful day!!

Mom Underground said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I did the "shop alone" thing for my birthday treat, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog and thought I would leave a comment. I must warn, I am somewhat new to this blogging world. Happy belated birthday, mine was a day before you :)
I love your blog and will continue to read on.