Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Clearing things up

Here is the response that I received from my co-worker to the email I discussed yesterday:

"Thanks for letting me know your feelings. I thought about it later myself and thought that was pretty bad and shouldn't have sent it. I too, know a lot of people who have come to this country and have made the world a much better place and work harder than a lot of others we all know. You and one of my sisters always let me know when they don't appreciate something I've sent out. Thanks for being honest instead of just getting mad at me because I truly should have known better!"

I am glad that this did not turn into some ugly thing. This is hard to deal with especially when you work with an individual but I feel good about the outcome. The thing that I have realized about all of this is that before I was a mom I am not sure I would have even said anything. I probably would have just gone about my day and thought badly of that person. However, I now see things through the eyes of a mom, what would I say to my child if she was confronted with something like this? Would I suggest she just let it slide? No, so I can't do that either. I am glad that I stated my points and did not offend her.

If you are interested in reading the poem, I was able to find a link on that discusses the poem. What do you think, do you think I reacted the correct way? Oh, the poem I received also included animation of Asian and Mexican caricatures (yeah, very tasteful).


PeetsMom said...

Well ok, I read the poem. It was completely stupid and mean-spirited. RAH RAH to you for pointing this out to your co-worker! If people would just LISTEN (not just HEAR) before they speak and actually READ (not just scan) before they forward an email, we'd all be better off!

landismom said...

Wow, I couldn't even make it through the poem. I would've reacted a LOT more strongly than you did, if someone sent this to me via work email. I'm even more impressed by your graceful handling of the situation now.

sunshine scribe said...

You did the right thing and she responded in a really mature and thoughtful way. I am so glad things turned out the way they did. I am infuriated by that poem. I could write pages ranting but you can probably guess what I'd say...

Fidget said...

You handled it much more gracefully that i ever would have! I'm glad things wored out well and hope in teh future she'll think a little more before fowarding such crap

something blue said...

I am so glad that it all got cleared up. Honesty is the best policy.

I might have just deleted it without saying anything, because I get so annoyed with this kind of thing taking valuable time out of my work day. You've reminded me that it is important to let someone know when they've crossed the line.

krista said...

I am SO glad you had the courage to call your co-worker on this. And also, glad to see that they reacted well to your concern.


Seriously. Good for you.

If only more people did what you did, than there would be less of those stupid types of emails floating around.

Thank you.