Monday, May 29, 2006

Chronicles of an exhausted mom

Chronicles of an exhausted mom

My new renter this week is "Chronicles of an Exhausted Mom", doesn't that just say it all. She has a great post on what is really important on Memorial Day. Whether you are for against this war (I am against it), we should all remember the men and women who are over there risking their lives. I will always support those people and I think of them today as they are very far away from home.


maalea_mama said...

I agree. I too have been thinking about all those people over there who are endangering their lives. I hope and wish they come home soon. Happy memorial day to them all.

Zee said...

I went to visit her, but I will go back to read her blog later...she has 4 kids. She is brave!
How are you doing?
I did not understand very well about this renting blog it blogexplosion related?
See you!