Friday, April 07, 2006

Working Mama - Pros and Cons

Don't see the girls or S as much as I would like.
CommuteVery male dominated work force, not many other women to talk to.
Miss being home.
Not doing what I really want to do.
No time to start my own business.

Time to myself to think.
My co-workers are very nice.
Did I say money?

I was thinking about my job today and what I liked and didn't like. My pros and cons are so boring, mainly because my job doesn't bother me. What bothers me is what I am doing. I want to be doing something that I love. Something that makes me think, where I have the flexibility to create my own schedule. I often do overtime in the evenings after the kids are asleep. I would love to find something where I could use that time as regular working hours. Right now my job just pays the bills and makes the time pass. It doesn't challenge me and it doesn't allow for any creativity. It is just a B-O-R-I-N-G job, but at least I am working with some great people.
  • What do you like about being either a working mom or a SAHM? If you could be doing anything what would it be?

I did propose a new work schedule to my manager today and he said I could start next week. So on Monday, I will start going in an hour earlier and that will give me every other Friday off, as long as I agree to be on call for questions. I don't have a problem with that because any extra work I end up doing that day will be charged as overtime. I am looking forward to hanging out with the kids and it looks like I will be setting up a regular Friday afternoon playdate with a couple other mamas from our preschool. I am hoping this gives me a little extra family time that I need.


Stephanie said...

That is wonderful that you will have those Fridays off. I was never much for work or a career. But that is just me. I love being a SAHM and would only go back to work if I absolutly had to. But some women love going to work and expanding their careers. And some would rather SAH but have to work for the money. It all depends on what you want and want you need. No one else can choose that for you.

sunshine scribe said...

Your new work schedule sounds good. I work full time but the only way that I can make it work for me (for all of the reasons you listed in your cons) is to have a flexible schedule. I am able to work from home 3 days a week and also do those hours how I please (in the middle of the night if I wish). It gives me the extra time with my son while still letting us pay the bills and give me the adult-mental-stimulation that I crave. Hope your new arrangement works out well!

chichimama said...

A good friend has that schedule and loves it. Hope it works out as well for you.

I wrote from home until my youngest was born, and i keep threatening to go back, but the hassle of finding a good caregiver always stops me in my tracks. I look for a few months then give up. One of these days...

Mrs. Chicky said...

I've been thinking of going back to work lately, so this post is especially important to me. I like your arrangement for every Friday off! You're a lucky woman to have an employer who will allow you to do that.

As for myself, there are many, many reasons why I'm not going back to work just yet and just one very important reason why I should - that being MONEY! Funny how one reason can squash all your other reasons.

landismom said...

I'm in a similar quandary myself--right now, I WAHM in a kind of bizarre work situation, which frequently (like weekly) requires me to go to meetings 100 miles away, plus I have to travel about once a month. However, on my WAH days, I have a lot of flexibility, can drop by my kids' schools, etc.

This week, I'm interviewing for a job where I would have to go back to being in an office every day, but basically wouldn't have to travel (either overnight or long trips during the workday).

There are some other significant differences between the job I have now and the job I'm interviewing for, but I find myself totally focused on the family-work-balance issues in a way I never have been before.

That's a long, somewhat off-point answer to your question, though.

So-Called Supermom said...

I have been questioning myself as well lately---I work fulltime now but lately I have really wanted to be at home. But I do love my job! Once you find that balance, stick with it. I have worked flex schedules and traditional schedules...they both have advantages and disadvantages. Just keep working through them until you find what is best for your family.