Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What's the deal with blog rolls?

City Slicker Mom brought up a very interesting issue in her post today. What is proper blog roll etiquette? You know the list of blogs you have on your side bar. Do you link to the ones you really like? Do you link to anyone that links to you? Do you keep someone on if all of a sudden you realize that their beliefs are not necessarily in line with your own beliefs? What if you delete someone from your list, are their feelings hurt? What if they are boring?

I am pretty picky about who I list, most of them are all daily reads for me. My new problem is that I am finding more and more blogs that I enjoy and I haven't been great about linking to them. The longer my list gets the less I will read on a regular basis. I have seen on some sites where people will set up their blog roll to be ever changing. This might be the way to go, but there is something to be said about having a super long list of blogs and supporting the blogging community?

I really need to set up my blogroll so that it isn't just a list of links, how long does this take to do? I would love to know when blogs have new posts on them instead of checking blogs over and over again.

What do others think about this issue?

UPDATE: I did it. I signed up with Blogrolling so we shall see how well this works. Stefanie says it is the greatest, so I am trusting her good blogging judgement.


shane said...

i am actually curious as to what a "blogroll" is. is it just your list of blogs on the sidebar or is blogroll a specific program that people use on their sites?

activist kaza said...

There's a coldly commercial element for some bloggers as blog activity is often measured purely in terms of links between blogs (i.e. blogrolling's "hot 500").

But I share your concern for fair representation, which is why I don't list anybody on my site. Once the list gets to about 15 or so, I think most people stop paying attention anyway.

Maybe a dynamic list (the "top 10" for this week?) would be the right solution but that could take a lot of time to monitor. Tough for those of us who find it challenging enough to blog on a regular basis...

Stephanie said...

I heart bloglines. You need a blogroll. I didn't know what an actual blogroll was until a month ago. I used to open every link everytime I visited. Now I just log in to bloglines and they tell me who has updated and who hasn't. IT saved sooooo much time. Plus there is a link you can add to your internet favorites folder (or similiar depending on what browser you have). So that when you are on a site that you would like to add to your blogroll, you just click it and it adds it automatically. How cool is that? You don't have to open your template everytime you eant to add a link. And the resgestration is free and it customizable through CSS. Any ???'s just leave me a note, and I will be glad to help.

As far as the etiquette, I am not sure what is proper. I have been meaning to set up a disclaimer above my blogroll saying 'If you link here and aren't listed, speak up'. Just to be polite. There are sites that I have told that I was linking and visit and comment daily that don't link me. If I have a site on my blogroll that has offended me or my beliefs (really happened), I delete them. I don't think that I have run into a situation where anyones feelings were hurt. Usually they were ignoring me too.

I don't think that we need to feel obligated to maintain long blogrolls. The point of a blogroll to keep a link to favorites for yourself and to allow others to find the blogs that you love as well.

Stephanie said...

FYI, don't type in blogrole.com. I misspelled it the first time and it redirects to a gay porn site.

petite gourmand said...

I know what you mean. I haven't started a blog roll because
I keep finding more and more interesting ones to read.
so many blogs
so little time
I like the idea of doing a top ten and then maybe a revolving one.
Does that make sense?

happychyck said...

I've been wondering about this blog etiquette, too. I'd like to add a blogroll to my blog for my own basic reasons: my blog looks so plain, I'd like to be a better blogger, and so I can keep track of the places I like to remember to visit.

I don't mind people who have long blogrolls. If I enjoy their blogs, I use their blogrolls to find other interesting blogs. Kind of like, "If you like my blog, then try...."