Friday, April 21, 2006

Traveling with kids = Sucky suck suck

Every time we are about to embark on a trip with our kids I have to get myself pumped up for it. I am my own personal coach telling myself things like "it won't be as bad as last time" or "Aly is a much better traveler now, I am sure she will fall asleep in her car seat when she gets tired" or, my favorite, "I know that Cat will just leave Aly alone if she starts to fall asleep." So was it better this trip than trips in the past? Well the weather was nicer than our last trip to California during Christmas, but the kids were awful. Aly whined almost the whole way, she refused to go to sleep in her carseat, and Cat poked and pinched her way into a new seat on the second half of our road trip tomorrow. We warned over and over again and yet that little 3 1/2 year old of ours could not keep her hands off of Aly, I know she is adorable but still give the child a break.

New plan for tomorrow on "Road Trip: Part Two", Cat goes in the back seat, Aly in the middle seat and me playing referee somewhere in between. I will be dishing the snacks, handing out the Groovy Girls (Cat and Aly both LOVE them) and reading the stories so that they are entertained all the way to Grandma and Granddad's house.

Anyone have any great ideas for traveling with two kids at this age 3 1/2 & 1 1/2? I think it is just going to suck for a while no matter what we do, but maybe there are some fabulous suggestions out there.

When we finally got to the hotel tonight, we got the kids in bed as quickly as possible, cracked open a beer and toasted to part one of our road trip. We managed to remain civil to each other, we got here without harming anyone, and now we can sleep.


sunshine scribe said...

Oh I feel your paing but it sounds like you are doing great so far. Fingers crossed it is smooth sailing.

I used to go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of little toys and then every hour pull out a new distraction. Same for snacks, kids music and stickers. When we fly we bring bubbles to blow at the air port and other places with long lines. But the thing that worked best was borrowing my friends portable DVD player for a 20 hour drive to visit my folks. Have fun

Stephanie said...

No idea, sorry. Traveling with toddlers can be a nightmare. We joke here that we aren't taking a vacation unitl the kids are 8. HA!

Zee said...

It really sucks. Better time after lunch. They fall asleep.
How about Benadril? LOL, just kidding!

Anonymous said...

portbable DD player is a great help when we traveleed for 8 hours with my 3 year old and her cousin who is 18 months!

Good luck!

tracey said...

Oh man, you're sunk. Great idea though, changing the seat assignments. It might work. My girls love magnetic stuff-puzzles, books, games. My toddler never put anything into her mouth so I never had to worry about that kid of thing (thankfully). Sounds to me like naptime (without being poked) might be your best time to travel.
Good luck.

J's Mommy said...

I refuse to travel with my daughter. Not yet anyway. She is 3 and she has never been in the car for more than 2 hours. It would seriously drive me insane. Oh and I'd rather stick a fork in my eyeball that put her on an airplane.