Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Traveling, maybe it is not so crappy

Well the second part of our journey to Cali was great. The girls were great, we made great time, and the weather was great. All in all it was great, great, great. A much welcomed change to the first leg of our trip.

What did we learn? Kids are much happier if they are fed and not tired. I know it is easier said than done. But as a parent I often find myself willing my kids to "just deal". Wanting them to just be happy even when I know they won't be. I end up making myself incredibly frustrated even though I know what to expect with them. It is a viscious cycle.

The kids are great and I want them to act like little kids even if it does get me frustrated. "Do you need to poke your little sister in the forehead when she is trying to fall asleep?" I know that sooner rather than later there will be much bigger issues to be frustrated about.

Back to our travels. We are having a great time down in the East Bay. My husband grew up here and even though he loves Portland he still misses this part of the country. If you have not been down here before, I highly recommend a vacation. At least for me, I enjoy visiting more than living here. Might be the whole cost of living thing that gets to me.

We met up yesterday with my dearest friend and her family at the Oakland Zoo. We were roommates in college and have kept in touch ever since. I was there when her son was born and we are really trying to keep our kids close. I think we are succeeding:

The Oakland Zoo was great, the kiddie rides, the train, and the kids zoo. Fun was had by all and we will probably make it a regular trip on our visits.

Having a great time on vacation (staying up late, grandparents watching the kids, not waking up at 4:30am) but also anxious to be home again. Tomorrow we are off to meet some Berkeley dinos at the Lawrence Hall of Science, the kids don't know yet so it will be a fun surprise.


landismom said...

Oh, my dh grew up in the East Bay, too, and we had our first date at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Glad to hear you are having fun, and I know what you mean about wanting kids to be kids.

nonlineargirl said...

I'm with you on visiting vs living in the bay area. My sister lives down there and I love to go all around with her. Hate feeling like I'd only be able to afford a postage stamp apartment.

Stephanie said...

Glad that things are going better for you on the trip. Zoos are so much fun. I am sure that the girls will have a blast.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I'm echoing nonlineargirl's comment... I love visiting the Bay Area and I wouldn't mind living there but its amazingly expensive! And that's coming from a woman who lives in Mass where the housing prices are outrageous.

That's a really cute picture of the two little ones!

Mama C-ta said...

Glad to hear traveling is getting better. I came to many realizations after our first trip w/Cricket this past weekend!

What a sweet picture!!

Mama C-ta said...

PS: I will be responding to your biz email hopefully today!

Bridgermama said...

I am glad you are having a nice time!
pretty new blog!

mommy on the verge said...

yes, the prices here are outrageous. I often tell my parents I can't believe they retired in one of the most $$$ places in the US! Making it very hard for us to leave, since kids looove Grandpa & Grandma and we looove having them babysit!