Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Toddlers are great. I might take some flak for this, but I am not a baby person. I loved my kids when they were babies, cuddling, nursing, the cute baby noises, but I just love the toddler age so much more. Some people are great baby people and absolutely love the newborn age, maybe it was how my kids were as newborns, but I am just not one of those people.

Aly my 19 month old is changing everyday, all of a sudden every time she wants something she says "Please" and when you give her something that she is really excited about , in her case applesauce, she says "tank you, tank you, tank you, tank you". I just melt when she does this, it is the cutest thing in the world. I absolutely love the stage she is in right now. We went on a walk after dinner tonight and she loves picking flowers, chasing after her sister, waving to the doggies she sees, and running up to me to give me kisses. Her vocabulary has improved so much recently. I can ask her if she wants things and she will tell me yes or no. She sings songs all the time, our favorite one to sing right now is "Inch Worm".

But Aly is also a little strange. She has odd sleeping habits. She will not sleep with a pillow or any stuffed animals but she needs to sleep with a book (tonight it is "Grow Up"), one of her rubber ducks, her hair brush, and a plastic pony. If she does not have these items all lined up in a row in her crib she will pitch a fit. I try to give her something to cuddle with and she doesn't want to have anything to do with it, she will snuggle up with her baby hairbrush instead. She gives all these items kisses and then says goodnight to me as I leave the room. I usually hear her pushing these items out of her crib about 20 minutes later. So funny.

She is also entering into a little jealous phase. If she sees Cat giving me hugs she will rush over and try to put herself in between the two of us so that she can get some loving too. If I am playing with Mojo, the dog, she will come up and say "No Mojo" and push him out of the way. Mojo just grumbles and moves out of her way.

I love Aly, she is becoming her own little person and everyday brings us new adventures in Mama Land.


sunshine scribe said...

I always thought I was more of a baby person than a toddler person but the truth is that was my favourite stage for my son especially once he started talking. So fun! Sounds like you are really enjoying Aly and her beautiful (and quirky - sleeps with hair brush -cute) personality is really emerging.

Stephanie said...

Aly is too cute. Needing all the wacky stuff for bed just makes me smile. I loved the baby stage, but it is so much jun to watch them grow up.

Fraulein said...

Our 18-month-old has some funny quirks too, such as refusing to let me brush her teeth unless her father is standing by, brushing his teeth at the same time. Also lately every time we leave the house, she insists that her daddy be wearing a certain baseball cap of his. Very odd, but cute.