Thursday, April 20, 2006

Suri with the fringe on top

Supposedly the fringe is beautiful dark brown.

I am sure you have all heard about Suri Holmes Cruise by now, but did you know she has beautiful dark brown hair and big blue eyes? Well supposedly she does. And did you know that Suri means pickpocket in Japanese? (Note to Tom and Katie - might want to check out more than one baby name book next time.) Plus, the biggest kick in the pants of all time, that Brooke Shields gave birth to her daughter right down the hall at the same hospital on the same day. Coincidence? I think not.

But there is one thing that I am still trying to understand about this whole thing. Why is it not okay for Brooke Shields to take anti-depressants to deal with her post-partum depression? And why is it not okay for Mama Katie to speak to her new baby? But it is okay for her to have an epidural? I have nothing against epidurals and fully endorse the use of anti-depressants if you need them (I need them-inside info there) and talking to your newborn child. After all the crap he raised over controlling your depression with anti-depressants and that Scientologists don't use things to control pain, he is now okay with an epidural?

Whatever Mr. Cruise, I am sure you love your fiance and your new baby girl. I will not judge you anymore, just a little confused by your behavior. If anything I am happy to see that you put Mama Katie's wellbeing in front of your own Scientologist beliefs and let her make the decision instead of you making it for her.


Zee said...

I heard about these celebrities and even not looking at their lifes, we always see something about them. Every time I go to any grocerie store, there are the magazines agressivily pointing to me with those news!!! I do not know anything about this religion and I ignore at all. These people probably get a lot of money with these crazy stories! They look fool to me. Making money with private life sucks! But I guess money it's what's count.

sunshine scribe said...

There is so many double standards that have been illustrated through this whole Tom/Katie story. The media has blown it out of proportion and given waaay too much air time to his ridiculous claims about Brooke Shields.

Hopefully now that the baby is born we can hear about something else. Like maybe some good news or some important news or something that doesn't make my head heart.

Nice new blog look by the way.

Stephanie said...

I CAN NOT STAND Tom Cruise pretty much ever since his ugly and painful divorce from Nicole Kidman. I hate how everything is Tom Cruise this and Tom Cruise that. I am glad that the baby is here so we can hear about something else on the news.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Pickpocket!! Ha! I hadn't heard that yet.

I think its a very strange twist of fate that Brooke and Katie had their babies on the same day. I'm not a celebrity stalker but I'm interested in seeing how this all plays out.