Friday, April 28, 2006

Some fairytale

Tonight was movie night in our household for myself and Cat. Most Fridays you can find the two of us watching a movie in the family room. We usually let Cat choose something at the video store and since she has been loving all things "fairytale" lately this week she chose "Beauty and the Beast." As I was sitting there with her watching the movie it really started to bother me that Belle had no mother. Not just that she had no mother but that there was no mention of her mother, at all. What happened to her?

I know that Disney gets a lot of crap for killing off moms in many of their movies (Bambi and Nemo) but are they to blame? To be fair they killed of Simba's father, equal time for the sexes I guess. Fairytales have been spreading the dead mom stories for a long time. Usually the mother dies and the father feels guilty for not having a mother for his children so he ends up remarrying and she ends up being the queen of all bitches, i.e. Hansel and Gretel or Cinderella.

I think what makes me so sad about all of these fairytales is that the princesses (because according to Cat they are all princesses) all seemto carry on without a mother or with, even worse, the evil stepmother. All they need is their prince to make their dreams come true. Am I over reacting to this? I think it just bothers me because I am a mother, and I want to make a difference in my daughters' lives. I want positive mother fairytales for my girls, and not just a fairy godmother. Hmmmm, maybe the fairy godmother actually represents the ghost of the dead mother. Okay, that is just way more than I wanted to get into with this post.

So to sum it up, no more dead mom's in my kids' stories, they have had their share and now lets move on to happy families.


Mrs. Chicky said...

I never enjoyed the storyline that threads throughout most fairytales that tells our children (daughters) that all they need is a prince to come and rescue them and they'll live happily ever after. I'd like to think that writers today are coming up with better tales to tell our kids... But then I stumble upon Bratz and my theory is shot out the window!

Stephanie said...

Most fairytales are a mess. Most kids shows are a mess. The whole moral? Advertising crap to little kids makes money.

It IS wrong to spread that you need to fill a mommy void with a rich, handsome husband who will magically make things all better.

something blue said...

I completely agree with you. I often find myself debating (with myself) over whether I want to include fairytale classics on my daughters’ bookshelves.

A part of me wants to share these stories that I grew up with. Another part of me doesn't want to subject them to these outdated chauvinist plotlines. If more princesses had moms the fairytales would have been about how they solved world hunger.

That would be better life goal then to be waiting for a knight on a white horse to whisk us away into the sunset.